What information is required to conduct a background investigation?

The more information you can provide, the better the chances of us obtaining the most complete information. At a minimum, the correct spelling of the individual’s name is required. It is beneficial to know all aliases and surnames used when checking for records. The individual’s social security number can also be helpful. While public records are generally indexed by name and/or date of birth, most proprietary data bases are indexed by social security number. Additionally, criminal records are maintained in specific jurisdictions, so it is useful to have any known previous addresses

How far back do background checks go?

How far back records can be searched varies on the record holder and is subject to regulation by the federal government. Most information collected is limited to 10 years.

Can CQI get Bank Records or Account Information?

By federal and state law, CQI is unable to obtain bank or financial details without the customer’s consent, a court order, subpoena, or search warrant.

Is my communication with CQI confidential?

All communication between a client and CQI is strictly confidential. When conducting a personal background investigation, we take every precaution necessary to ensure the individual under scrutiny does not learn of the investigation. Unless otherwise instructed by the client, CQI will not reveal information acquired during an investigation to anyone other than the client.

How will I receive my background investigation report?

CQI will send the background investigation report to the email address you provide.

Do I need consent from the person I am ordering the background investigation on?

If you are conducting a background investigation for personal reasons, you do not need permission.; however, when investigations are used for pre-employment or employment screening purposes, employers need to get consent from potential candidates before the investigation is conducted.

What information can be obtained from Motor Vehicle Records?

An individuals’ license status, any accidents reported, and any criminal tickets issued including DUI or driving on a suspended license will be acquired.

Can CQI get Phone records?

As with banking and account information, it is against federal and state law to obtain phone records unless you are the owner of the phone.

How long will the investigation last?

Because each situation and each case is different, we can only provide you with an estimate of how long the investigation will last. If you need information quickly, please check out our Express Investigation option.

What forms of payment does CQI accept?

CQI accepts payments through PayPal.